Tsukanov Leonid Antonovich

Leonid Antonovich Tsukanov, director of the zoo from 1979 to 2002, died on October 22, 2018. His director career began with the construction of the poultry house. Then, back in those days, the zoo was built using the folk construction method, in which more than 80 enterprises of the city participated. The legendary Ivan Maksimovich Kanaev, who was then the mayor, noticed the engineer of the mechanical repair plant Tsukanov, who “got” the eagle eye. He offered directorship. Since 1979 for Leonid Antonovich began a completely different countdown of life. After five years he realized that just being a good organizer and host would not be enough. There is a need in special knowledge. Therefore, it was completely logical to study at the zootechnical faculty of the correspondence agricultural institute in Moscow and to receive the specialty of a biologist-hunter.

During his tenure as director of the zoo, the construction of a new territory was completed, the arboretum was grown, where a large number of different plant species are represented. Thanks to his leadership, the zoo and its team were preserved in the difficult 90s.

The zoo team mourns this loss and presents its condolences to the family of Leonid Antonovich. The cherished memory of a wonderful person who has devoted so many years of life to his beloved zoo!

The farewell will take place on 10.25.18 at 11.00 in the requiem ritual hall at the address: Stepovaya Street (near the church in the old cemetery).