Day of arrival of storks

March 19 - Day of arrival of storks.

According to popular observations, March 19th is the day when storks arrive. According to the beliefs, they bring cold on their wings, so usually in the third decade of March, there is a decrease in temperature. Weather forecasters are more pragmatic in their forecasts, but it is not worth the neglect of folk signs.

According to popular belief, stork brings cold and even snow on its wings. Ancestors said "Storks arrived - they brought snow on their wings". And there are many legends associated with them. Here is one of them. A white bird with a black label was once a man named Buzco. In those days, many vipers, snakes, lizards, insects were multiplied. God's Mother asked the Almighty to clear the earth and water. God gathered all the rubbish in a bag and instructed Buzco to bring it to the abyss, without looking back. But Buzco unleashed the bag, and the uncleanness spread through the earth. For this God turned man into a bird and said: "You won’t be a man until you gather all the reptiles, locusts and other insects."

Stork resorts only to good people. It is believed that a cute nest in the yard brings happiness, luck and prosperity. 25 thousand storks return to Ukraine every year. Stork, cranes, buzki, and black grouses - as Ukrainians call these white-grey birds. Ornithologists call them the most conservative birds, since the time of their arrival always falls on the third decade of March.

To the storks our people have always been respectful. Stork is one of the symbols of Ukraine. Since children are born from love, it is not surprising that Ukrainians still poetically express themselves: "Stork brings children". Still, there is such a sign: if you see one stork, then you will be alone for the whole year, two – will be in a pair. These birds have long been listed in the Red List, they are forbidden to shoot. But, unfortunately, due to climatic and environmental conditions, their number is constantly decreasing.

In Mykolaiv zoo there are two types of storks: white stork (Ciconia ciconia) and more rare, entered into the Red List of Ukraine - black stork (Ciconia nigra).