Anniversary of Yakunina Valentyna Makarivna

On July 29, 2018 Valentyna Makarivna Yakunina celebrated her anniversary. Valentyna Makarivna is 70 years old. Of these, she has worked for 50 years in Nikolaev zoo. This is the greatest experience in the history of the zoo among our employees.

Valentyna Makarivna, a young specialist, came to work at Nikolaev zoo on January 6, 1968, when most of the present employees of the zoo were only born or were children. For many years, Valentyna Makarivna worked as head of the department of predatory animals, now she holds the post of deputy head of this department. Due to her personal power and daily hard work, she was given offspring from many rare species of predatory animals.

Especially she showed her organizational skills and the ability to overcome non-standard situations during the move of the zoo to the premises of the new territory. For many years Valentyna Makarivna has been careful about the welfare of predators, she has been organizing a variety of activities to improve their retention, feeding and treatment.

Yakunina Valentyna Makarivna is a highly skilled specialist, skilled team leader and a good mentor for young people.

We sincerely congratulate you, dear Valentyna Makarivna, on the significant event in your life, we wish you good health, long years of life, energy, well-being, further work at the zoo and success in your work!