International Polar Bear Day

Every year on February 27 the planet celebrates the International Polar Bear Day.

The “King of the Arctic Ocean,” as the Arctic beast is often called, lives in the polar regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

The main purpose of the Day is to solve the problem of polar ice melting – the main reason for the threat of extinction of populations of polar bears. Scientists estimate that there are approximately 20–25 thousand polar bears in the world (data for 2014). Melting ice in the Arctic, occurring as a result of global warming, could lead to the disappearance of two thirds of polar bears by 2050.

The polar bear is listed in the International Red Book. Slow reproduction and high mortality of young species make this animal easily vulnerable.

Nikolaev zoo is the only zoo in Ukraine that has three polar bears in its collection. This is a young married couple Zefirka and Nanuk and their one year old daughter Smetanka. The merry little family of snow-white giants is known not only in Ukraine and Nikolaev, but also in Europe! Every year godmothers from the Czech Republic and Germany indulge their favorites with packages of sweets and toys. You can also join the group of fans of polar bears visiting the zoo not empty-handed, but, for example, with an old plastic canister that is already flowing and is not needed in the household or some other object made of heavy-duty plastic. Zoo experts will inspect the subject for safety and you will have a unique opportunity to watch the game of the largest predator on the planet.