New types of animals

For the first time in Nikolaev zoo new species of animals appeared in the Aquaterrarium collection.

In early November, the department received a young group of long-legged skinks (Eumeces schneideri) and a pair of Madagascar prickly-tailed iguanas (Oplurus cuvieri) in exchange for those born in the department of the young Boa constrictor.

After quarantine animals were placed in a terrarium on the exposure. For the maintenance of these animals a spacious terrarium with sand, snags (one of the branches is placed directly under the heating lamp), half of ceramic flower pots and pieces of bark as shelters are needed. The terrarium is equipped with an incandescent lamp (heating) and fluorescent lamps (lighting).

The long-legged skink is a lizard, the maximum length of the body is 16.5 cm. The tail is about twice as long, in critical situations it can easily break off and grow back. The long-legged skink is widespread from northern Africa and Western Asia in the west to Afghanistan, Pakistan and northwestern India in the east.

Prickly-tailed Madagascar iguanas are lizards, the adult individuals of which reach a length of 40 cm (tail length exceeds the length of the body 1.5 times). Males can be recognized by the crest on the head. Color: from light grey to dark brown, with spots and stripes. They live in the west of Madagascar island in arid plain areas with stony soil.

At the moment, specialists of the department are monitoring the habits of these animals, their food preferences.