Protection of primrose

Every year in spring, especially active on the eve of the 8th of March, traders who sell bouquets of snowdrops, prolisks, Odessa horseradish and other wild primroses appear on our streets and markets. A little bit later, these most enterprising citizens sell landing material (bulbs, rhizomes) of wild boars, mountain flowers, Buzky tulips. How not to buy a beautiful inexpensive bouquet?

Maybe not everyone knows about it, but almost all of the beautifully blooming primrose, which grow in the wild, are listed in the Red Book, and their destruction (fracturing, and especially digging with the root) is punishable by the law. These flowers grow in areas free of human economic activity, and those with each passing year are becoming less and less. Therefore, each flower is priceless, and for sale they are being destroyed by hundreds. Each of us is in a position to prevent the destruction of extremely rare plants. For this it is enough to never buy wild primrose flowers at dubious traders, because the demand will generate the offer.

Remember that buying bouquets of primrose from wildlife, and even more the landing material, you become accomplices to the crime!

Leave the wild flowers in nature, and to decorate your holiday can specially grown for this plants, purchased in specialized stores!