Column "School of Young Zoo Correspondent"

"Today we will introduce to you another resident of our zoo – Senya. Senya is an ordinary iguana. He appeared in the zoo relatively recently, about a year ago. The fact is that Senya grew up at home. The owners treated him well, he was on free range. In addition, his nutrition was correct: vegetables, fruits and various greens. Actually, these iguanas are exclusively herbivores. This is how our Senya lived for 6 years. However, for personal reasons, the owners were forced to hand Senya over.

They took the issue of moving their pet seriously. That is, they decided not just to get rid of him or sell him to an unknown place, but to give to people who would ensure his happy and long life with proper care. The owners of the reptile decided to find a place for the iguana in the zoo. They visited many zoos in Ukraine.

After viewing the zoos, it was decided to leave Senya in Mykolaiv Zoo. After moving, Senya was quarantined for 2 weeks and then he was placed on exhibit, but in a separate terrarium so that he could adapt to the new conditions. The process of adaptation was very difficult: Senya did not eat anything for about a month, began to lose weight, showed aggression. At one point the zoo staff noticed that Senya showed no signs of aggression towards relatives, he began to look with interest at the lizards of his species. It was strange, because Senya grew up and lived in conditions without other iguanas. Then it was decided to keep Senya with two females. On the day of settling, everyone was a little worried – suddenly there will be problems with acquaintance! However, everything went successfully. Senya observed his neighbors and slowly learned their skills. Thanks to the females, Senya started eating! In particular, it was especially nice that all the inhabitants of this terrarium could eat from one bowl and not compete.

By the way, these two females of the green iguana do not have the names, so suggest in the comments how we can call them. And, of course, come to the zoo to meet the heroes of our story!"

(Creative work of the young naturalists of Mykolaiv Zoo: Erinchak Yeva and Erinchak Ulyana.)