And do you want to hold this Halloween holiday not only for yourself and your family, but for the animals of Nikolaev zoo? Then everything is in your hands! Yes, we need your skillful hands!

Nikolaev zoo arranges the next creative competition – the best product of pumpkin and other vegetables and fruits on "Halloween" theme. These works will be presented on October 31 at the exhibition-photo zone. And then, with these bright and beautiful delicacies, we will all be together to feed the animals of our zoo.

Terms of competition:

1. Works must be made using pumpkins and other natural safe materials.

2. Reception of products is carried out from 29.10 to 30.10 from 9.00 to 17.00.

3. Each work must be signed (the name and contact phone number of the author)

The winners of the competition will be able to attend Halloween holiday on 31.10. in Nikolaev zoo for free.

Phone for information: 24 - 63 - 80.