Delicious desserts for bears

During summer heat the animals in Nikolaev zoo receive chilled products. At the period the summer diet includes a lot of fresh fruits and berries, which are planted at the zoo territory. They are also used for stewed fruit preparing. The beverage is poured out into special containers, then melon, water melon, apricot, plum, apple, berries and honey are added, and the dessert freezes in the refrigerating chamber. The animals adore such tasty and useful desserts.
Also we offer melons and water melons stuffed with fruit, berries and ice-cream to the Polar and Brown bears, as well as chilled desserts and ice-cream tarts. Such unusual delicacies are very important elements of the environment enrichment for the zoo animals. The visitors watch the feeding with great interest; they take photos and greatly enjoy the events. It is the highest appraisal for the zoo personnel.