World Day of Clouded Leopard

EAZA announced the 4th of August World Clouded Leopard Day to promote rescue measures.

Clouded leopards are kept in Nikolaev zoo since 1980. Many of our visitors remember the male clouded leopard named Kurt, who lived with us for 9 years. Since 2016, our zoo contains a female of this rare animal named Avan, who came to us from “LE PARC DES FELINS” cat park. The animal was obtained in the framework of the European program for the conservation of species.

Malaysians call it "Tree Tiger" because it is often seen resting in the branches of trees in the jungle. The clouded leopard differs from other felids by its great morphological and ecological originality. And in its anatomy, and in the behavior of the animal, it combines the characteristics of both large and small cats. His skull and teeth are like big cats have, but his body and other touches are like smaller cats have. The clouded leopard can purr, his pupil is ovoid, not round. His skull is elongated, which distinguishes it from other cats. His fangs are larger in proportion to body size in comparison with other cats. Long fangs make it easy to kill captured prey, for this often only one bite is needed. This also contributes to a wide gap between the canines. The clouded leopard swims well, swimming across large bodies of water and meeting on secluded islets.

Today, a clouded leopard is threatened by poaching. This cat is obtained not only because of its fur, but also its teeth and its bones, which are highly valued in the traditional Asian drug trade. This leopard is listed in the International Red Book.