Report on the work of Nikolaev Zoo for 2017

Nikolaev zoo has published a printed version of the report on the work of the zoo in 2017, in which anyone who is interested can read in detail all the events that took place during the year.

Many visitors visited the zoo this year. During the reporting period we held various festive events with the participation of professional and amateur creative groups trying to attract our citizens and visitors to the zoo in all seasons. The zoo has become the main tourist destination of the region. We completed the construction of the aviary for striped hyenas, built an elaborate curtain for tropical turtles. Our main achievement in this year's construction is the delivery of a giraffe complex with a pedestrian overview bridge. In addition to many other modernization elements 10 ramps have been constructed for a comfortable viewing of the zoo's exposition by people with disabilities.

The main achievement of the year in the case of animals reproduction, undoubtedly, was the receipt of offspring from polar bears.

Success in keeping and breeding depends to a large extent on the proper feeding of animals. In 2017 the zoo published a new edition of Animal Feeding Rations. Over this edition our team of specialists has worked for many years.

There is a record holder among our wards. The oldest of all the inhabitants of the zoos of Ukraine, the misissip alligator Vasya turned 75.

Time flies fast, and soon Nikolaev zoo will celebrate its 120th anniversary.

The report on the recommendation of the EAZA screening has published a collection plan for 2019. We look forward to the future and hope to renew membership in the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Nikolaev zoo at its own expense carries out works on reconstruction and modernization of existing enclosures and construction of new ones. We are trying to comply with world standards for animal rearing, for this new modern medical and diagnostic equipment is installed, work on enrichment of the environment of animals, new feed rations is being developed.

This information can be found on our zoo's website and in the city's libraries.

We work for you and in order to keep our wildlife world together!