Vyshyvanka day
— Vyshyvanka day May 16 – Vyshyvanka Day World Vyshyvanka Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday of May. In 2024, the holiday falls on May 16. Vyshyvanka Day appeared on the initiative of a student Lesya Voroniuk of Chernivtsi University named after Fedkovych in 2006. She suggested that other students come… 17/05/2024
The long-awaited cargo from our colleagues
— The long-awaited cargo from our colleagues Today, the long-awaited cargo arrived at Mykolaiv Zoo from our colleagues – the zoos of Europe. We thank the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria for organizing fundraising, purchasing feeds for animals and organizing their delivery to Mykolaiv Zoo. The feeds received by Mykolaiv Zoo are extremely important and necessary… 14/05/2024
A kaleidoscope of incredible beauty
— A kaleidoscope of incredible beauty Now in Mykolaiv Zoo, irises are at their peak. These magical flowers are simply amazing with an incredible palette of shades. The iridescent colorful carpet seems to have been created for bright photo sessions. You should definitely see it to be inspired by the grace and colors of these beautiful… 12/05/2024
Demonstrative feeding
— Demonstrative feeding Today, our visitors had the opportunity to meet representatives of the "singing monkeys" – lar gibbons and siamangs. Children and adults who came to the lecture learned a lot of interesting facts about the biology of animals, as well as information about the family relationships of these primates in the… 12/05/2024
Only our common efforts we can preserve this beautiful and wonderful world of animals ...
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