Presentation of the award
— Presentation of the award Today, our team has two more laureates of the highest award of Mykolaiv Zoo – the Order named after Mykola Leontovych! They are the head of the department of ornithology Serhiy Mykolayovych Donovy and animal care worker of the department of ungulates and proboscideans Svitlana Pavlivna Mogilevyts. Serhiy Mykolayovych Donovy… 10/07/2024
Zoo opening hours
— Zoo opening hours Attention! In connection with the power outage, the zoo is open: Weekdays - 9:00-17:00 (ticket office until 16:00) Weekends - 9:00 - 18:00 (ticket office until 17:00) 09/07/2024
Day of nature conservation workers
— Day of nature conservation workers July 7 – Day of nature conservation workers Today, July 7, is the Day of Nature Conservation Worker. On August 18, 2009, the President of Ukraine, in accordance with Decree No. 629/2009, established a professional holiday for nature conservation workers, which is now celebrated annually on July 7. In order… 07/07/2024
Tapir's birthday
— Tapir's birthday Today, an interesting event took place dedicated to the birthday of our lowland tapir (Tapirus terrestris) named Sol. He is turning 11 years old! The birthday animal arrived at Mykolaiv Zoo together with his friends Pinto and Piro on July 3, 2016 from Italy (from Barcelona, ​​Bussolengo, Naples). In July… 29/06/2024
A kaleidoscope of incredible beauty
— A kaleidoscope of incredible beauty Today, the message of the column "Kaleidoscope of incredible beauty" was prepared by young biologists of Mykolaiv Zoo. Young photographers have found new, unusual angles to show you what our park looks like now. Blooming roses, hydrangea, Adam's needle, Persian silk trees covered with silk flowers, colorful annuals in flower… 28/06/2024
Little cubs
— Little cubs Have you seen our kittens yet? You can find wonderful, gentle, playful cougar cubs (Puma concolor) in the enclosure located opposite the new "Island of Animals" enclosures. Pay attention to the exit from the stone grotto – it is from it that the inquisitive faces of the cubs peek out… 28/06/2024
The landscape complex is 11 years old
— The landscape complex is 11 years old Today, June 22, the landscape complex "At the junction of two cultures" turns 11 years old! The landscape composition "At the junction of two cultures" is located in the central part of the zoo, so it immediately attracts the attention of zoo visitors. In this zone, there are many components,… 22/06/2024
World Giraffe Day
— World Giraffe Day World Giraffe Day is celebrated annually on June 21. This celebration was initiated in 2014 by the Giraffe Conservation Fund (GCF). The purpose of the holiday is to draw the public's attention to the preservation of these unique animals. The Giraffe Conservation Fund (GCF) is the only non-governmental organization in… 21/06/2024
World Croc Day
— World Croc Day Today, June 17, is World Croc Day. This day was started in 2017 by the Coalition for the Study of Crocodiles in cooperation with the Belize Zoo. World Croc Day is a global awareness campaign designed to draw attention to the plight of endangered crocodiles and alligators around the world.… 17/06/2024
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