Cleaning the ponds

Mykolaiv zoo started the complex of the measures connected with cleaning of ponds. A month ago, we started to draw water from the reservoirs, but since it was moving slowly, we had to connect the equipment. SMI "Mykolaivvodokanal" and LLC "SSP Nika-Tera" help us in this. After the pumping is completed, the bottom of the accumulated sludge layer will be cleaned. The next stage is the repair of concrete coverings of the slopes and islands of birds, the restoration of metal structures in the center of reservoirs, aeration systems, houses for nesting birds, the installation of new fences and tree crowning. At the time of the repair of the ponds, all the waterfowl were moved to the pavilions for the birds and the free zoo enclosures with small ponds. This is already the fourth cleaning of the zoo reservoirs in the whole history, we do this work at our own expense and will be glad to any help.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but as a result we will delight our visitors with clean water and happy birds that are already waiting to return home.