Birthday in great apes, chimpanzees

Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) Chilina and Sherman celebrate their birthdays in October. They are a brother and a sister who were born in Mykolaiv Zoo.

October 17 was Chilina's birthday, she turned 15. And Sherman was born on October 20, he is 7 years old. Their parents are female Aliti and male Zuli.

Our birthday animals are different in character. So, for example, Chilina is quite a contact person, with a character, jealous, a little cowardly and loves attention. Sherman is very active, he copies his behavior from his sisters. He likes to be scratched by the zoo staff on his back and ears in the morning. Most often, he spends his free time with his middle sister Ramina, because she is closer to him in age. Currently, Sherman is the only male in a family of 5 individuals. This group of apes is now the largest in Ukraine, because only large zoos with experience can keep these animals.

For more than 150 years, the number of chimpanzees has been decreasing mainly due to anthropogenic factors: destruction of habitats (deforestation), poaching, mainly for meat (which was part of the menu of various peoples of the continent). The species is in danger of extinction.

The zoo employees sincerely congratulate our friendly family on this wonderful holiday!

We invite everyone to take an autumn walk to Mykolaiv Zoo to watch our birthday animals and their family.