Tiger Day

July 29 – International Tiger Day

Every year on July 29, International Tiger Day is celebrated all over the world. The main goal of International Tiger Day is to spread information about tiger protection.

Unfortunately, no more than 5,000 individuals have survived in the wild, and this number is constantly decreasing. So, over the last century, the number of these animals has decreased by 25 times. And today, tigers are under threat of extinction. In most cases, they become victims of poachers. And this problem cannot but concern the environmental communities of the whole world. The main reasons for the decline in the population of striped carnivores are poaching and illegal trade in their teeth, fur and bones, which are used in traditional Asian medicine. The tiger is the largest, strongest and most agile cat on the planet. Modern taxonomy distinguishes two subspecies of tiger instead of the previously recognized 9 subspecies, 3 of which have now disappeared. Currently, this animal is under international protection, listed in the IUCN Red List, and since 2014, tiger hunting has been banned worldwide. For example, in China, the most severe punishment for killing a tiger is the death penalty.

Today is a good opportunity to tell about the tigers of Mykolaiv Zoo.

Currently Amur tigers (Panthera tigris altaica) are kept in our zoo. These are two sisters, whose names are Penelopa and Agrypyna, they were born in 2005 in Mykolaiv Zoo.

Penelopa and Agrypyna are different in character. When the tigresses were younger, they made friends with each other, but with the onset of puberty, they stopped getting along and began to conflict. After all, in nature, tigers live alone, lead a solitary lifestyle. Therefore, tigresses are released into the outdoor enclosure one by one.

It is interesting that tigers have been kept in Mykolaiv Zoo since 1978. About 70 tiger cubs were born during this period.

For tigers and lions in Mykolaiv Zoo, enclosures with a fairly large area, natural landscape, shady trees, and pools, in which the tigers love to swim, were built. And in winter, the Amur origin of our cats makes itself felt. They really like to lie in the snow or even ride on the ice of a frozen pool...

The guests of the holiday had the opportunity to get to know the tigresses of Mykolaiv Zoo at an interesting lecture, the smallest visitors were able to have a fun and active time with our tigress-guest and take bright pictures. Also, each child had the opportunity to draw his own tiger and leave a memory of this day.

For all nature lovers, we remind you that tomorrow at 14:00, on the main square of the zoo, our fluffy rehabilitators are waiting for you.