Bear day

May 10 – Happy Bears Day.

Today, May 10, Happy Bears Day is celebrated.

The purpose of this thematic day is to acquaint children and adults with the diversity of bears in the world and with the problem of preserving these wild animals.

Due to poaching, deforestation and environmental pollution, the range of most bear species is rapidly shrinking. Climate change also has a negative impact on the number of these animals.

Today is a good occasion to talk about the bears that currently live in Mykolaiv Zoo.

Four bears are kept in our zoo: two female polar bears (Ursus maritimus) (Zefirka and her daughter Smetanka) and two male Kamchatka brown bears (Ursus arctos beringianus) (brothers Myron and Vakula). Our bears have spacious enclosures with pools, cozy dens and a full nutritious diet that includes fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits. Natural filling of enclosures – logs, stumps, driftwood – are excellent elements of enrichment of the environment of our animals. And there are viewing platforms for visitors, from where they can safely observe the giants at any time of the year.

We bring to your attention photos of our bears...