Interesting about Reeves' muntjacs

Did you pay attention to the little deer – Reeves’ muntjacs (Lat. Muntiacus reevesi), enclosure of which is located near the husbandry gates of the zoo? This animal is extremely interesting!

Reeves' muntjac or barking deer – one of the most ancient genera of deer. Paleontologists believe that the muntjacs existed 15-20 million years ago. Their remains have been found in Europe, although modern species of these animals are native to Asia.

Muntjac is a small deer, it weighs only 10-20 kg, and it is 50 cm tall.

In an excited or agitated state these deer make sounds similar to the barking of dogs – from this comes their name "barking deer". Also muntjac is called "deer with canines" for real canines, similar to the canines of carnivorous animals.

Take the effort, find the enclosure with these unusual animals in the zoo! Great photos – a guarantee!