A kaleidoscope of incredible beauty

The column "Kaleidoscope of incredible beauty" reminds our guests that Mykolaiv Zoo has not only a large collection of animals from different parts of the world, but also a beautiful park with a variety of beautiful plants. And we continue to report which flowers you can see blooming in our place right now.

Kobus magnolia blooms in the zoo – an ancient type of flowering plant, of the same age as dinosaurs. Large, very showy white magnolia flowers appear on the tree even before the leaves bloom. You can find a blooming magnolia near the chimpanzee's summer enclosure.

Almond trees, which you can see near the enclosure for mountain ungulates –"Goat Hills", are also pleasing with luxurious flowering.

Apricot, plum and mountain cherry trees are covered with a white lace of fragrant flowers. Forsythia bushes with bright yellow flowers decorate the lawns of the zoo near the primate department, near the fox enclosure, etc. Bushes with very fragrant flowers continue to bloom profusely – Italian honeysuckle. You can find it near the summer enclosure for elephants.

The lawns in front of the flamingo enclosure are almost completely covered with a yellow-green carpet of flowering buttercups. And the first tulips and daffodils have already appeared in the zoo. Warm spring days give us a lot of natural beauty!