Little cubs

Have you seen our kittens yet?

You can find wonderful, gentle, playful cougar cubs (Puma concolor) in the enclosure located opposite the new "Island of Animals" enclosures. Pay attention to the exit from the stone grotto – it is from it that the inquisitive faces of the cubs peek out most often. Three kittens were born on May 17 to the cougar Anda. Anda is a young cougar, born in 2021, she came to us from Rivne Zoo. Despite the fact that this is her first offspring, Anda proved to be a wonderful mother. She carefully cares for the kittens, feeds them, plays with them, protects them, growls at visitors and employees. It was possible to examine the cubs for the first time only when they were a month old, having lured the mother to a nearby enclosure for delicacies, before that Anda did not leave the children. During the examination, it was found that among the cubs there were one male and two females. After the inspection, however, the female began to look very suspiciously at the zoo staff and tries to hide the children from them. Today, the younglings even came out of the grotto and went down, but were immediately taken back to the shelter by their mother! The cubs’ dad, whose name is Arman (he was born in Mykolaiv Zoo in 2015), can be seen in the nearby enclosure.

And the little cubs of the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx), which were born on May 27, can still be seen only from afar. The approach to the enclosure is temporarily closed so as not to disturb the youngsters. There are also three lynxes: three males. The mother of the cubs is called Zara, the father is called Lupin. This is already the second offspring of Zara, we already reported on the zoo's page about the older brother of the cubs, the lynx Prutya, which was artificially fed by our vets. And if Zara, being still inexperienced, did not feed the first cub, now she has shown herself to be a good mother – she feeds and protects her children. And she is not alone, she is helped by the grandmother of the cubs named Zabava, who lives in the same enclosure and takes the most active part in raising the offspring, together with her daughter Zara protects the kittens and growls at the employees and the photographer!

Three cubs (two males and a female) were born on April 4 to a pair of servals (Leptailurus serval or Caracal serval) Mira and Hasan. This is also Mira's first offspring. The female feeds the cubs independently and carefully takes care of them. For now, the younglings are kept indoors with their mother, but soon you will be able to see them on exhibit.