International Forest Day

March 21 is International Forest Day. It was initiated by the European Confederation of Agriculture at the 23rd General Assembly in 1971, and the idea was supported by the World Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The main goal of International Forest Day is to draw attention to the importance of forests for life on the planet, to raise public awareness of their extremely important role.

Mykolaiv Zoo joins in celebration of this important holiday. After all, our zoo has not only a large collection of wildlife, but also a collection of rare species of trees that form the basis of an extremely beautiful arboretum at all times of the year. Our park is grown by the zoo staff. Every year we bring and plant rare species of trees and shrubs. The collection of trees and shrubs now includes about 200 species.

Among them are: ginkgo (Lat. Ginkgo), tulip tree (Lat. Liriodendron), metasequoia (Lat. Metasequoia), dawn redwoods (Lat. Paeonia suffruticosa), Japanese cherry or sakura (Lat. Sakura), European yew (Lat. Táxus baccáta) and others.

During 2020, the following plants were planted: clammy locust (Lat. Robinia viscosa Venten), savin juniper (Lat. Juniperus sabina L.), creeping juniper (Lat. Juniperus horizontalis), white spruce (Lat. Picea glauca Conica), red horse-chestnut (Lat. Aesculus carnea), common juniper (Lat. Juniperus communis), silvergrass (Lat. Miscanthus), redhaw hawthorn (Lat. Crataégus sanguínea), paulownia (Lat. Paulównia).

Modern Mykolaiv Zoo is a real green oasis in the center of a big city...

We are convinced that the growth of environmental awareness of citizens, the formation of a culture of behavior in nature and activities for planting trees and creating new forests will save our planet!

So, let's join this very important matter!!!