The birth of calves

Nothing can please zoo visitors more than the birth of calves…

The arrival of spring brought good news to Mykolaiv Zoo!

For several years in a row, at the beginning of spring, the inhabitants of the ethnographic yard "Grandfather's Hut", the Jacob sheep give birth to the calves. According to tradition, this happened this year as well. Two pairs brought offspring at once.

On February 23, Vera the sheep and Max the lamb gave birth to one calf (lamb). The employees gave him the name Blinchik, in honor of the Slavic folk holiday dedicated to the end of winter and the onset of spring – Shrovetide.

And on March 1, Mary and Max gave birth to two sheep. They were named Vesna and Vika.

Calves feel very well, have a good appetite. They are cheerful, playful and active. You can see this for yourself by visiting Mykolaiv Zoo, the ethnographic courtyard "Grandfather's Hut". After all, with the onset of warm sunny days, the calves were released to the summer enclosure together with their parents. Here you can watch their games, take cute pictures, be charged with positive emotions, feed the parents of the calves and feel the real spring.