Primate feeding demonstration

Today, Mykolaiv Zoo hosted an interactive event – demonstrative feeding of primates.

Visitors to the zoo took a direct part in this event. The children together with the zoo staff, following all the rules of hygiene and safety, made for the monkeys different "hiding"-boxes for food and fruit skewers. Then everyone observed the behavior of monkeys, learned a lot of information from the lecturer about the origin of these animals and their way of life.

Such a complex of measures is aimed at keeping animals busy in captivity. Primates especially love various entertainment. Searching for their favorite food has become an all-day activity for our monkeys.

All children cooperated in a friendly manner, helped each other. There were so many treats that we were able to enrich the environment for many species of monkeys.

Young visitors together with their parents got extraordinary impressions and a good mood from today's event.

We invite those who wish to listen to the next lecture tomorrow, March 12, at 1:00 p.m.