Replenishment in the department of carnivorous animals

We are glad to inform you of the good news about another replenishment in the department of carnivorous animals in Mykolaiv Zoo.

Our young pair of fennec foxes (Lat. Vulpes zerda) gave birth to one cub on May 4 (gender is not yet known). For a month and a half the female fed her youngster in the burrow, and at the moment the cub has grown up and become more courageous and is already coming out of the burrow on its own.

In the family of servals (Lat. Leptailurus serval) two pairs at once gave birth to cubs. The couple Flora and Negus had two cubs on May 16 (gender is not yet known). And on May 10, Oscar and Aika became parents. They gave birth to a cub (female), which was named Zlata.

Flora's offspring can be seen in the summer enclosure for servals. But it is still impossible to observe Zlata, because she is in the winter enclosure.

And also in the family of raccoons (Lat. Procyon lotor), Lobotryas and Lyalka gave birth to a cub (male) on April 24. Now the infant has grown up, you can see him in the enclosure with his parents.

All cubs together with their mothers feel great and have a good appetite.