Presentation of the Taurian painting

Today, for the first time in the city of Mykolaiv, the presentation of the Taurian painting took place at Mykolaiv Zoo in the ethnographic courtyard “Grandfather’s Hut”.

The Taurian painting sees in itself not only the sea breeze, but also a unique system of symbols and values, where every stroke and element is about the incredible Mykolaiv region! In the patterns reproduced in the painting, the universe of the native land is depicted, where marine, plant and animal themes prevail.

The famous TV journalist, writer, artist and researcher of the traditions of folk art, unfortunately, the deceased Yevgenia Bondarenko, found a unique southern painting.

The master of ethnic paintings and master teacher of decorative and applied arts Lyubov Paraniuk began to develop and popularize the Taurian painting, inspired by the book "Paths to the Estuary", authored by Yevgenia Bondarenko.

On a white and pale blue background – the colors of "gray fog", sacred candles, stars, cheerful inhabitants of the Black Sea, who already live on the walls of “Grandfather's Hut”, are depicted.

Tetiana Chichkalyuk, Lyubov Paraniuk and Ruslana Sikalenko were the main inspirations for the Taurian painting of “Grandfather's Hut” in the zoo.

Famous artists embodied these beautiful ideas: Dmytro Slipukha, Dmytro Voloshyn and Olena Voloshyna.

The sponsor was the PO “ROTARY CLUB MYKOLAIV”.

This long journey was not easy, but the team rallied together and recreated each stroke and pattern with determination.

Young biologists of Mykolaiv Zoo took an active part in this event. Thanks to the patriotic songs performed by Mykolaiv singer Eva Hudzun, the atmosphere was filled with fun and dancing.

Admire this beauty yourself by visiting Mykolaiv Zoo.