Presentation of scientific works

Young zoo biologists presented their scientific works during the young naturalists’ scientific conference. For several months, young scientists conducted experiments, observed the behavior of animals, studied documents and literary data, and conducted conversations with zoo employees. This year, young naturalists studied the behavior of animals while implementing various ways of enriching the habitat of the animals of Mykolaiv Zoo. Young biologists Suleimanov Damir, Darya Kurbatova, Kirill Homzyakov chose a group of Japanese macaques as the object of their observations, Valeriya Tarasenko enriched the habitat of siamangs, and Mykyta Kovalenko compared the behavior of different species of Callitrichidae. During the meetings of the scientific society, young biologists got acquainted with the methodology of writing scientific papers, learned many new terms and, finally, presented their works to other members of the group. We thank the young scientists for their conscientious work and thank the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration and the humanitarian headquarters of the Regional Military Administration for very useful and interesting prizes!