In a large team every day is an adventure, every day is a holiday. Today, 28.02.2020, the staff of Mykolaiv zoo sincerely congratulates our colleague Tetiana Ruban on the anniversary - the fiftieth birthday. Tetiana started her work activity in Mykolaiv zoo from 30.07.1987 as the animal care worker of the section of ungulates. The total length of service at the zoo is 32 years 6 months. During this time Tetiana worked as a zootechnician, head of vivarium department and now occupies the position of head of domestic animals department. We are grateful to Tetiana for her fruitful work and great contribution to the work of the zoo. The administration of the zoo believes that Tetiana Ruban has all the qualities of a good unit manager.

So, we sincerely congratulate you, Tetiana, on our birthday anniversary, we wish you good health, well-being, prosperity, as well as persistence and further success in your work!