Column "Zootechnician work"

Dear visitors!

Very often, visiting the zoo, you can see animals with colorful eartags. We will tell you what it is and why it is done in our new column: "Zootechnician work".

Zootechnician is the leading profession in our zoo. It includes many different and interesting tasks, one of which is the procedure of setting eartags for animals.

This procedure is done to identify animals in the event that an animal of the same sex is born, or there is a large group of animals that need to be distinguished. Attaching eartags to animals is carried out in accordance with special instructions. Installation of eartags is almost painless, without blood, does not cause an inflammatory reaction in animals. To attach the tag to the animal's ear a special applicator is used.

The zootechnician of the department keeps records of identified animals. This registration is carried out by keeping a special journal "Basic registration of animals of the department", in which data are entered on the established eartags.

We present to your attention a photo report on the installation of eartags for three youngsters of the Patagonian mara (Lat. Dolichotis patagonum) in the department of ungulates of Mykolaiv Zoo.