Joyful replenishment

And again Mykolaiv Zoo shares the good news. For several years in a row, in early spring, the inhabitants of the ethnographic courtyard "Grandfather’s hut", Jacob sheep reproduce. This happened in 2021 as well.

On March 14, at 9 o'clock in the morning, two calves (lambs) were born to Martha and Sean. Mom and newborn lambs feel very good. Martha has enough milk to feed her babies. Newborn lambs are active, they are still in a warm room with their mother. The little ones will receive their names a bit later, and when it gets warmer outdoors and the air warms up to +10 °C, you will be able to see them in the ethnographic courtyard "Grandfather’s hut" together with their parents.

Jacob sheep (Lat. Jacob Sheep) is a very ancient breed. A distinctive feature of this breed is having not one pair of horns but more. One pair of horns with a slight bend grows to the sides, the other is strongly curved to the snout. Coloring from cream to brown and black, the most common is variegated color.