The story of "Grandfather's hut"

… Under the roof - a clean mud-walled hut, with a spacious yard, a haystack, a cart. Goats run out of the corner of the hut, curly lambs bleat from the miniature barn, geese chirp near the fence, a rooster walks masterfully at the head of a flock of chickens… These animals can be petted and fed. Guess where it is? That's right, today is our story about our ethnographic courtyard "Grandfather's hut".

"Grandfather's hut" has long been a favorite place for visitors of the zoo, and especially the little ones. And let's meet the residents of the yard today.

We have a black goat Marta, to whom the children first run to pet her. And she has been living in "Grandfather's hut" for 14 years. The goat Egorka has been living with us since May 2014. And how he loves when he is fed cabbage, carrots, apples! Here live with him a few red Cameroon sheep with nice names (Lucky, Favorite, Fred, Mars, Augustine, January) and sheep (Sima, Luck, Fury).

Everyone, both children and adults, is impressed by the four-horned St. Jacob’s sheep with very thick black and white wool. Interestingly, sheep (Pestrushka, Marta, Kvitka, Mayka) have bent horns, and lambs (Max and Berezen) have large and straight horns. In March 2020, a lamb named Sean was born.

All the inhabitants of the yard of "Grandfather's hut" are carefully guarded by a black dog Julya.

In a portentous manner 2 male geese with a female goose, a male turkey and 3 female turkeys, 3 Peking duck and 5 Muscovy ducks walk around the yard. And of course, no Ukrainian homestead can do without a handsome rooster with a harem of several hens. It is obvious that the owner of our "Grandfather's hut" is quite wealthy - among the hens there are exotic peacocks!

And in the backyard there are even rabbits: red-haired Fluffy, Yasha and grayish-red-haired Anfiska.

Interesting to know! "Grandfather's hut" is also the territory of the contact zoo, where you can feed, pet animals and learn how people lived in a village in southern Ukraine decades ago.

And here you can take great photos!