Column "Flowering Calendar"

Hibiscus bushes of different species bloomed in the zoo.

The genus Hibiscus has up to 300 species of deciduous and evergreen shrubs, trees, as well as yearling and perennial herbaceous plants. Almost all of them come from tropical and subtropical regions of the globe. And only some of them feel good in temperate climates. Hibiscus has been adorning the gardens of Europe since the 18th century. Some species of plants are popular as indoor and greenhouse flowers.

The color range of hibiscuses is thousands of combinations, and the size of the flowers is from 5 to 30 cm.

Hibiscus is the national flower of Korea and Malaysia. In Hawaii, hibiscus flowers are a must-have for celebrations and ceremonies. It is believed that the hibiscus flower can "revive" the faded marital love.

In Mykolaiv Zoo these extremely beautiful magic flowers can be found behind the winter building for primates, near the enclosure for wolves, near the amenity building.