Column "Zootechnician work"

The column "Zootechnician work" continues to report on work of the zootechnician specialists in Mykolaiv Zoo.

Today, the department of ungulates and the department of domestic animals host a planned orthopedic cleaning of the hooves of domestic horses, Shetland ponies and donkeys. This procedure is done as needed to care for the hooves of these animals.

Improper hoof function leads to irreversible consequences – injuries to tendons, joints and more. Therefore, cleaning of the hooves of these animals should be carried out systematically and correctly. Orthopedic hoof cleaning is a difficult task. It should be performed only by professionals, because animals can be injured. To carry out this procedure the following tools are used: pliers, file, rasp, left and right curved knives, clinch cutter. Upon completion of the work, an Act of performed work is drawn up, which records how many animals have been treated and who performed this work.

We present to your attention the photo report on the planned orthopedic cleaning of the hooves that is carried out in Mykolaiv Zoo.