Today our young biologists are talking about a group of funny long-nosed animals – the South American coatis, as well as the one named Ruby.

«In Mykolaiv Zoo there is a group of coatis. One of them arrived recently. Her name is Rubinka. This animal was brought to the zoo by people who kept Ruby in the house. Coatis’ cubs are very cute and look like plush toys. That is why the coati is often kept in apartments. But coatis are very mischievous and agile by nature. They will gnaw everything they can, climb on the curtains and drapes, stick their long noses in where they should not. After a while, she began to disturb the owners, and they decided to give her away. And Rubinka appeared in Mykolaiv Zoo in autumn 2020.

After examination by a veterinarian, it was found that she was healthy and in good shape. Her age is about 2 years. At first, Ruby was placed in quarantine, and after a while it was decided to put her with other coatis. Ruby in the enclosure with relatives won the territory on which other coatis do not come, and if suddenly come, she drives away them. Rubinka appeared to be such a brave coati! Perhaps she has this character because Ruby was raised with dogs, from which she has some habits. For example, if she ran, she began to breathe like a dog, sticking out her tongue. And Rubinka likes to play with laces.

Since coatis are omnivorous animals, their diet is diverse: fruits, vegetables, berries, fish, meat, cheese and others. Animals love to eat watermelon and pear. The enclosure is made of lattices so that animals could climb everywhere, even on a ceiling. The door to the enclosure is double, to prevent escape.

Distinctive features of our heroine are that she is the lightest in color and the most contact. But everyone who has teeth can bite, including our Rubinka. She does this not out of evil, but because she flirts or defends her food and territory. Come to the zoo and meet Rubinka. But follow the rules of conduct at the zoo, do not try to feed or pet the animal. It is dangerous!

For reference: South American coatis are predators, residents of Central America. They are the closest relatives of raccoons. They live in family groups of up to 20-30 individuals. These animals know how to communicate with each other.”

(Creative work of young biologists of Mykolaiv Zoo Erinchak Yeva, Erinchak Ulyana, Samuryak Margarita and Dyomina Victoria)