Column "Cozy corners of the zoo"

The column "Cozy corners of the zoo" reports on the beginning of the mass flowering of sakura in Mykolaiv Zoo.

Right now, one of the most interesting landscape corners of the zoo looks the most impressive - the complex "At the Junction of Two Cultures", which houses a pond with Japanese koi carp. The pond is decorated with thematic decorative sculptures, and blooming sakura will help you feel the real atmosphere of Japan. By the way, the trees are also real Japanese. These trees were given as a gift to the director of Mykolaiv Zoo, Volodymyr Topchy, as a sign of friendship by the director of Japanese Ueno Zoo (Tokyo), Mr. Toshimitsu Doi. Sakura blossoms can also be seen near the enclosures for tigers and lions.

The pink palette of flowering plants in our park is complemented by Pissardi plums, which are native to Western Asia. The plant is named after the botanist who first brought it to Europe from Iran. You can find such flowering pink trees in the zoo near the butterfly pavilion.