Column "Cozy corners of the zoo"

The column "Cozy corners of the zoo" reports that right now in the zoo you can see the flowering of an incredibly beautiful plant, whose miniature trees, dotted with bright pink terry flowers, can be found near the summer enclosure of elephants – the mordenensis Toba hawthorn. On the wonderful lawn, where this interesting and very decorative plant grows, you can find comfortable benches from where you can not only admire the flowers, but also watch our elephants play.

Also, in Mykolaiv Zoo, you can now observe the mass flowering of Vanhoutte spirea, which is popularly called the "bride" for its lush snow-white flowers. You can see large spirea bushes covered with white "foam" of flowers near the enclosures for kangaroos, near the primate department, on the lawn near the enclosures for small carnivores.