Chimpanzee Ambi is 55

Chimpanzee Ambi is 55!

In 2023, a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) named Ambi celebrates her birthday. This is the oldest ape in the zoos of Ukraine! She is 55 years old. The birthday animal came to Mykolaiv Zoo from Holland in 2004.

Ambi is the founder of the chimpanzee family in our zoo. Her daughter Aliti and three grandchildren live with her: Chilina, Ramina and Sherman. Our granny has a calm, balanced character, a good appetite and a good mood. Ambi's favorite food is sweet fruits: bananas, dates and figs. You can recognize her by her characteristic pose – she supports her head with her hand.

We wish Ambi good health and long life. You can see her with her family in the winter premises of the Primate Department. We are waiting for you!