Bat Week

Before Halloween, from October 24 to 31, many countries in Europe and America hold "Bat Week". Bat Week is an international annual holiday designed to raise public awareness of the peculiarities of these extremely interesting animals, their role in nature, and the need to preserve bats. Mykolaiv Zoo also decided to join this action and on the eve of Halloween, tell about such extremely useful rare animals.

Bats are amazing creatures! According to the number of modern species (more than 1,400 modern species), among mammals, bats are second only to a number of mice. Bats live almost everywhere on Earth, except for the hottest deserts and polar regions. So, no matter where you live, there are almost certainly bats living near you.

Due to their unusual appearance and behavior, mainly nocturnal and twilight lifestyle, bats are considered an "evil" creature, otherworldly, a supporter of "evil forces". They're called vampires, werewolves that can drink human blood (although you'll have to travel to South America to meet the blood-feeding bats). In fact, bats living on the territory of Ukraine are exclusively insectivorous animals. Our bats can taste human blood only when bitten by mosquitoes. Bats are the only mammals in the world adapted to active flight. This is possible thanks to the front limbs, which have turned into wings. The bearing surface is a bare skin membrane stretched between the elongated fingers of the front limb and the hind limb.

28 species of bats live in Ukraine. All species of bats found in our country are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine and require protection!

Bats are extremely useful animals! Although we may not always see them, bats are hard at work every night around the world, eating tons of insects, some species of tropical bats pollinating flowers and spreading seeds.

Absolutely everyone can participate in the " Bat Week " and contribute to the preservation of these unique animals!

Don't hurt the bats, don't kill them! First of all, we, people, do not need to be afraid and panic in the event of finding a neighborhood with bats. They were forced to be next to us – they have no choice. If a bat accidentally flew into the room, do not panic, just open the windows wide and wait, the animal will leave your apartment. Or you can carefully catch the animal, using a box and wearing tight gloves (to protect yourself, bats try to bite with tiny but sharp teeth) and let it out into the street at dusk.

In winter, bats gather for hibernation in groups, often finding shelter next to people: in attics, technical floors, behind the cladding of balconies, etc. Therefore, it should be remembered that it is advisable not to start the repair of such premises in the cold season, because then you can cause the death of the entire colony. If, however, you find hibernating bats during winter repairs, do not throw them outside, the animals may die in the cold! Contact the specialists, and they will advise you on how to save the animals. In Ukraine, there is a Ukrainian center for the rehabilitation of bats, whose specialists are engaged in rescuing bats that are in trouble.

Everyone can also spread this information among their acquaintances, friends, students, thereby joining the celebration of "Bat Week".

And you can also visit Mykolaiv Zoo during the "Bat Week" where you can see representatives of bats. Egyptian fruit bat (Rousettus aegyptiacus) live here. These animals, living in Africa and South-West Asia, eat mainly various fruits. In the zoo, they eat citrus fruits, figs, dates, their menu also includes honey, boiled eggs, cereals, juices, etc.

You can find these amazing animals in the enclosure located in the warm exhibition room of the primate department.