World Animal Protection Day

World Animal Protection Day is an international day to raise awareness of the rights of animals and their welfare, celebrated every year on 4 October.

Back in 1931, supporters of the Nature Protection Movement, at the International Congress held in Italian Florence, given the sad dynamics of human and nature relations, initiated the establishment of the annual World Animal Protection Day, which was celebrated on October 4. The date of the Animal Day was chosen to commemorate the famous Catholic priest, Francis of Assisi, who died on October 4, 1226, who is considered the patron saint of Catholic culture.

Exactly on this day the environmental organizations once again remind humanity of the need to protect animals and tell what measures can be taken to save them. Mykolaiv zoo, of course, is directly related to the celebration of this day. We not only keep a large collection of rare animals, here were created the conditions for their successful breeding, the zoo is involved in many international wildlife breeding programs. The zoo is doing a lot of educational work, we try to show each visitor how interesting, beautiful, wonderful animals are. The contribution of each individual is important in the conservation of animals. Only through our joint efforts we can save the world of wild animals!