World Snake Day

World Snake Day is celebrated annually on July 16.

This day was created to improve people's knowledge about these animals and the contribution they make to the animal world.

Today, Mykolaiv Zoo joined the celebration of World Snake Day.

All visitors had the opportunity to communicate with snakes that were not at all scary and ugly (as they thought at the beginning of the event), but pleasant and smooth to the touch. And also learned a lot of interesting facts about snakes.

After that, both children and adults shared personal impressions from their own observations and feelings.

Also, today was a good reason to talk about the general collection of snakes in our zoo.

The zoo's collection of snakes includes 19 species, of which: 9 species of pythons and boas, 10 species of Natricinae. There are no poisonous snakes in our zoo's collection.

To date, the oldest snakes in Mykolaiv Zoo are two Paraguayan anacondas (Eunectes notaeus), they are 17 years old.

Over the past year, the collection of our zoo has been replenished with the following species: the western hognose snake (Heterodon nasicus) and the Arizona mountain kingsnake (Lampropeltis pyromelana).

Of all the snakes of the fauna of Ukraine, the blotched snake (Elaphe sauromates) is currently kept in the zoo.

You can see the collection of snakes of Mykolaiv Zoo in the winter room of the Aquaterrarium and Primates department.

We advise reptile lovers to pay attention to ecologically educational information about snakes of our region and Ukraine, which is located on the stands in the winter premises of the Aquaterrarium.

Keep an eye on our posters, we have prepared many more interesting things.