All-Ukrainian Environment Day

On April 17, All-Ukrainian Environment Day is celebrated. Mykolaiv Zoo carries out a marathon of the ecological and educational actions devoted to this date.

For All-Ukrainian Environment Day we offer you a series of articles-tips on the topic: "What exactly can I do to save the environment".

What to do if you found a wild animal cub in nature?

The breeding period of wild animals is approaching, and very soon "good" citizens will call the zoo with a request to pick up a young hare, fox, and roe deer they saved. "We can't leave a young animal alone in the forest, so we saved it, now take it to the zoo!" - these are the calls we hear every year.

And once again we explain that wildlife - forest, steppe, river bank - is a home for wild animals. And if you find in nature a healthy little animal, not injured, not trapped, not entangled in a net or fence wire, you do not need to urgently "rescue" it. The fact that there are no adult animals next to a small hare, fox or deer does not mean that this animal is a "poor orphan" and that it must be taken from nature. This means that the mother went in search of food or, as a more agile creature, managed to hide and is watching from the thicket as you are taking away her helpless offspring.

The zoo can not accommodate all "rescued" by uneducated people, and we will not be able to release these animals back in nature, they did not have time to learn all the necessary skills. Don't touch young wild animals! Leave them at home!