What does a zoo do for animals during severe frosts in winter?
— What does a zoo do for animals during severe frosts in winter? What does a zoo do for animals during severe frosts in winter? Every year, as the cold weather approaches, the residents of our zoo prepare for winter. Heat-loving animals were transferred from summer enclosures to winter premises. For example, hippos (Lat. Hippopotamus amphíbius) and Asian elephants (Lat. Elephas maximus) are… 21/01/2021
The story of
— The story of "Grandfather's hut" … Under the roof - a clean mud-walled hut, with a spacious yard, a haystack, a cart. Goats run out of the corner of the hut, curly lambs bleat from the miniature barn, geese chirp near the fence, a rooster walks masterfully at the head of a flock of chickens…… 18/01/2021
Day of reserves and national parks
— Day of reserves and national parks Every year on January 11 Ukraine celebrates the Day of Reserves and National Parks. Reserves and national parks - specially protected natural areas - today are probably the only way to protect at least a small part of wildlife from extinction. Reserves and National Parks Day was first celebrated in… 16/01/2021
— Attention From 13.01.2021 Mykolaiv Zoo works in the park regime. The inner pavilions are closed to visitors. All animals that are not afraid of the cold are in the outdoor enclosures. 13/01/2021
Birthday of brothers bears
— Birthday of brothers bears In early January, two brothers celebrate their birthday – Kamchatka brown bears (Latin Ursus arctos beringianus) Myron and Vakula. They were born in Mykolaiv Zoo on January 9, 2000. Today they are 21 years old. Their parents Shaitan and Shata were born in nature on Kamchatka in 1979, and came… 09/01/2021
Only our common efforts we can preserve this beautiful and wonderful world of animals ...
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