World Chimpanzee Day
— World Chimpanzee Day On July 14 it celebrates the World Chimpanzee Day. Although chimpanzees are the closest human relatives, they were still unknown in most countries of the world, while Charles Darwin did not write about them in 1856. And only in a century people began to recognize interesting facts from the life… 15/07/2019
Day of the worker of nature conservation of Ukraine
— Day of the worker of nature conservation of Ukraine July 7 - Day of the worker of nature conservation of Ukraine Since the origin of the very idea of ​​the conservation, which was expressed in 1895 by the great scientist, the founder of the science of pedology V. V. Dokuchaev, the scientific circles and progressive public considered the preservation… 07/07/2019
— Attention   Dear visitors of Nikolaev zoo! We love our animals and take good care of them. There is enough food in the zoo, and each animal receives food according to the balanced diet. It is compiled by leading experts depending on the type of the animal, its size and time… 26/06/2019
Stop global warming!
— Stop global warming! Executive Director of the Japan Association of Phenopolystyrene JEPSA Takeda Michihiro arrived to Mykolaiv zoo today with a proposal for a joint Ukrainian-Japanese event "Stop Global Warming!". This campaign aims to protect polar bears, because they are the most affected by the temperature increase on Earth, and in 20-30 years… 19/06/2019
 Turtle Day
— Turtle Day On May 26 we celebrated the World Turtle Day. The festival was attended by young biologists of Mykolaiv Zoo, as well as by all interested visitors. The main goal of the event was to tell our young and adult visitors about the need to protect such interesting creatures as turtles.… 27/05/2019
Only our common efforts we can preserve this beautiful and wonderful world of animals ...