Elephants from Europe arrived to Mykolaiv zoo
— Elephants from Europe arrived to Mykolaiv zoo The largest animals of the land Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) after the long exhausted negotiations have finally arrived to Mykolaiv zoo! These giants for several years in a row were absent in the collection of Mykolaiv zoo. During this time, the enclosure for keeping of these animals has been modernized… 10/11/2019
 Halloween holiday
— Halloween holiday Holidays like Halloween are common to many peoples of the world. They are celebrated during the transition from a full, warm, generous autumn to a cold, hungry, exhausting winter. With the help of impetuous fun, games, jokes, people tried to overcome the fear of cold, diseases, the unknown forces of… 01/11/2019
Snow Leopard Male
— Snow Leopard Male On October 22, a male snow leopard named Tiksi was delivered from the French zoological and botanical park Mulhouse by special transport. He was born in this zoo on May 28, 2017. The animal was transferred by decision of the coordinator Emma Nygren (EEP Coordinator for Snow Leopard (Uncia uncia)… 22/10/2019
 Sending Siberian tiger
— Sending Siberian tiger On October 17, the Siberian tiger Avgur, who was born in Nikolaev zoo on December 25, 2017, breeding number of Nikolaev is 65, was safely sent to Odessa zoo, where a new enclosure awaits him. We hope our tiger cub will be comfortable in Odessa. 17/10/2019
 World Animal Protection Day
— World Animal Protection Day World Animal Protection Day is an international day to raise awareness of the rights of animals and their welfare, celebrated every year on 4 October. Back in 1931, supporters of the Nature Protection Movement, at the International Congress held in Italian Florence, given the sad dynamics of human and nature… 04/10/2019
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