World Giraffe Day
— World Giraffe Day World Giraffe Day is celebrated annually on June 21. This celebration was initiated in 2014 by the Giraffe Conservation Fund (GCF). The purpose of the holiday is to draw the public's attention to the preservation of these unique animals. The Giraffe Conservation Fund (GCF) is the only non-governmental organization in… 21/06/2024
World Croc Day
— World Croc Day Today, June 17, is World Croc Day. This day was started in 2017 by the Coalition for the Study of Crocodiles in cooperation with the Belize Zoo. World Croc Day is a global awareness campaign designed to draw attention to the plight of endangered crocodiles and alligators around the world.… 17/06/2024
International Lynx Day
— International Lynx Day International Lynx Day Today, June 11, the whole world celebrates International Lynx Day. This holiday was first celebrated in 2018 at the initiative of the European environmental protection project 3Lynx Project. This tradition was started in order to spread knowledge about the wild cat and raise the issue of its… 11/06/2024
Day of protection of children
— Day of protection of children Our children grow up during the war – this is a terrible reality today. They hide during air raids, hear explosions, worry about their loved ones, and are unable to study properly. But they will not have another childhood. And the task of adults is to make sure that children… 01/06/2024
A kaleidoscope of incredible beauty
— A kaleidoscope of incredible beauty The column "A kaleidoscope of incredible beauty" reports that the first roses have bloomed in the zoo! Flower beds with bushes of flowering queen of flowers can be seen behind the turtle enclosures (here you can find a flowering tulip tree), opposite the chimpanzee enclosures, behind the coatis enclosures (here… 28/05/2024
Only our common efforts we can preserve this beautiful and wonderful world of animals ...
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