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Kaleidoscope of incredible beauty
— Kaleidoscope of incredible beauty "Kaleidoscope of incredible beauty" – this year that will be the name of the column, in which we plan to talk about the blooming of flowers in the zoo, about the picturesque landscape corners of our park, about the beauty of such seasonal events as golden autumn or the first… 25/02/2024
World Guide Day
— World Guide Day February 21 – World Guide Day. Today, February 21, professional guides around the world celebrate their own holiday. Guide Day was first celebrated in 1990. Its founder can be considered the president of the International Federation of Tour Guides, T. Loizides, who showed her own initiative in this matter. This… 23/02/2024
Hippo day
— Hippo day Hippo Day is celebrated every year on February 15. This day is established to raise awareness about this animal. The scientific name of the animal is translated as "river horse", because it simply adores water, the main thing is that water should be fresh. Hippos spend up to sixteen hours… 16/02/2024
Information for Valentine's Day
— Information for Valentine's Day Traditionally, for Valentine's Day, Mykolaiv Zoo offers the following: on February 14, couples in love can enter the zoo for the price of one ticket! Visitors with the names Valentyn and Valentyna are admitted free of charge on presentation of a document. 13/02/2024
Only our common efforts we can preserve this beautiful and wonderful world of animals ...
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