Educational activity
— Educational activity Educational activity is one of the main functions of zoos, which should relate to both environmental issues and socio-cultural area, and its impact on people's worldview will make education an important component of environmental activities. Mykolaiv Zoo pays a lot of attention to educational activity. Excursions, mobile lectures of the… 01/08/2020
International tiger day
— International tiger day July 29 - International Tiger Day! The International Tiger Day was officially established in November 2010 at the Tiger Summit International Forum on Tiger Conservation on Earth. The main purpose of the holiday is to inform the public about the problems of extinction and protection of tigers. The tiger is… 29/07/2020
 Classes of young biologists
— Classes of young biologists No modern gadgets will ever replace live communication with the outside world, especially with the world of wildlife. Classes of young biologists of Mykolaiv Zoo in summer are carried out in the open air, in fresh air. Assimilation of the material takes place in the form of games, children get… 24/07/2020
Jaws of Megalodon
— Jaws of Megalodon Mykolaiv Zoo always tries to surprise and delight its visitors. And now we have an interesting novelty for you again. A new photo zone has appeared in our zoo - the reconstruction of the real jaws of Megalodon, which are located in the pavilion of butterflies on the territory of… 17/07/2020
Summer Baby Boom in Mykolaiv Zoo
— Summer Baby Boom in Mykolaiv Zoo Summer Baby Boom in Mykolaiv Zoo! All kids always evoke only the most positive emotions, and if it is a small fluffy miracle, then neither a child nor an adult will resist it. In the summer, several departments of our zoo can boast of a new replenishment. The primates department… 17/07/2020
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