Ecological Educational Action
— Ecological Educational Action Ecological Educational Action"Bear Day" takes place at Nikolaev zoo. 05/05/2019
 May 9 invite
— May 9 invite On 9th May Nikolaev zoo allows to visit free of charge the zoo for World War II veterans, ATO participants, "Afghans", disabled people and citizens with the status of "war children", "Chernobyl", labor veterans and the elderly people with the presence of appropriate documents. 03/05/2019
Kid of sailfin lizard
— Kid of sailfin lizard On April 20 the Day of Earth was celebrated on the territory of the zoo. A gift for everyone on this day was a bright concert and interesting environmental games. But, it turns out that it was not the only present-surprise on this day. Exactly on April 20 a kid… 24/04/2019
 Charity Event
— Charity Event Today, the residents of Nikolaev, Tatyana and Alexander Mazur (“Favorite Garden” company) presented a large number of ornamental plants to our zoo. These are yuccas, flowering quinces, junipers and many other exotic plants that they took to the zoo on their vehicles and took an active part in planting. The… 23/04/2019
Earth Day at Nikolaev Zoo
— Earth Day at Nikolaev Zoo Today on the territory of Mykolaiv zoo there was a traditional ecological holiday – Earth Day. The main task of this event is to draw the attention of Earth inhabitants to the problem of preserving life on our planet. For this many years, an alarm signal from the alarm clock… 21/04/2019
Only our common efforts we can preserve this beautiful and wonderful world of animals ...