Theatrical educational action
— Theatrical educational action For the Independence Day of Ukraine Mykolaiv Zoo prepared the celebratory program devoted to one of the greatest riches of our state - the native nature. "Treasures of Ukraine's Nature" was the name of our theatrical educational event. In an interesting way, with games, competitions, performances of fairy-tale heroes, with… 24/08/2020
Top long-lived animals of Mykolaiv Zoo
— Top long-lived animals of Mykolaiv Zoo Apparently, only in zoos, where the animals are constantly monitored by specialists, it is possible to determine with confidence the age of an animal. It is no secret that animals live here much longer than their counterparts in nature. There are many reasons for this: the lack of natural enemies… 21/08/2020
— Poster 20/08/2020
 World lizard day
— World lizard day World Lizard Day is celebrated annually on August 14. Today there are about 6263 species of lizards. Many of them are endangered. Loss of habitat, as well as the emergence of new predators such as dogs and cats, are the main threats to these reptiles. Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles that… 16/08/2020
August 12 - World Elephant Day
— August 12 - World Elephant Day August 12 - World Elephant Day. The holiday has been celebrated since 2012. Purpose of the event: to disseminate information on the need to protect and preserve African and Asian elephants. Elephants are the only surviving representatives of the oldest group of proboscideans that previously inhabited most of the land.… 12/08/2020
Picnic under the hibiscus
— Picnic under the hibiscus "Picnic under the hibiscus" - so called today's environmental action of young biologists of the zoo. Today, children not only learned how to behave during a vacation in nature, but also created a series of posters on the topic "Rules of environmental behavior at a picnic", which they want to… 11/08/2020
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