Animals that are the symbols of love
— Animals that are the symbols of love From ancient times people endowed the feeling of love with special symbols, and each nation had its own archetype of love. Today most countries turn to classical symbols, but national images have not lost their significance. There are many international symbols of love and fidelity. The "classics" of the language… 14/02/2021
 Action for Valentine's Day
— Action for Valentine's Day How to let go of unhappy love and free the heart for true feelings?                            Action for Valentine's Day. This year Mykolaiv Zoo decided to support a relay race of many zoos of the world and to carry out the humorous action devoted to Valentine's Day. This action is aimed… 11/02/2021
Saint Valentine's Day
— Saint Valentine's Day Mykolaiv Zoo invites everyone on February 14 to Valentine's Day! The annual action is waiting for you! On this day all couples in love can visit the zoo, buying only one ticket for two, while confirming their love with a kiss at the entrance to the zoo! And all visitors… 11/02/2021
Year of the White Metal Bull
— Year of the White Metal Bull According to the Eastern calendar, our year 2021 is the year of the White Metal Bull. The White Metal Bull is determined and hardworking. The element of metal gives it an iron will, and white color - self-confidence. The bull embodies power, fertility, strength. The symbol of 2021 is characterized… 11/02/2021
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