Classes of our group members
— Classes of our group members Probably each of the parents thought: "What to choose for my child that will be useful in the future? Exact sciences or something creative?" In a circle of young naturalists of Mykolaiv Zoo now it is possible to combine everything! We understand that a simple study of biology for a… 26/06/2020
— Feeder Receiving gifts is, of course, the most enjoyable thing in the world. Today, our Asian elephants Dinkar and Shanti have received such pleasure. Gorokhiv Building Plant responded to the post of the director of the zoo Topchy V.M. on Facebook and within a week made a toy-feeder for the elephants.… 25/06/2020
— Attention Nikolaev Zoo is in dire need of sawdust. Sawdust of trees of any species is not only a litter in animal enclosures, but also a substrate for enriching the behaviour of zoo animals. If you can help to resolve this issue, the zoo will gratefully accept from you sawdust in… 25/06/2020
 White bride
— White bride Visiting Mykolaiv Zoo in summer and being on the main square, you will be met by a bush of oriental beauty - Smooth hydrangea, located among the evergreen juniperus sabina bushes and near the moutan peony. There grows a real botanical miracle that pleases the eyes of all visitors. Its… 24/06/2020
World Giraffe Day
— World Giraffe Day June 21 - World Giraffe Day. Finally, for the first time in 119 years, Mykolaiv Zoo can also join this action, as since 2019, these giant animals have appeared in the collection. Two males were transferred to our zoo from the Czech Republic: Nuru and Logan, representatives of a rare… 21/06/2020
Animated quest excursions
— Animated quest excursions If you want to have fun and productive time with the whole family, then you need to visit us! Costumed quest tours across Mykolaiv Zoo are both cheerful, emotional, inflammatory games with animators and active dances, and, most importantly, knowledge of fauna and flora of the world of Mykolaiv Zoo.… 14/06/2020
Do a good deed
— Do a good deed "Do a good deed." With such words volunteers of store "New garden" visited Mykolaiv Zoo today. "When we saw the news that children trampled flowers at the zoo on June 1, we realized that children need to be taught not to destroy something, but to build, so today we came… 13/06/2020
 Young artists
— Young artists On June 12, the annual traditional art practice of pupils of Mykolaiv Art School, which lasted for two weeks, ended at Mykolaiv Zoo. All participants, about 200 young masters, demonstrated their abilities and talents and had a good time at the zoo. According to the class teacher Yevdokimova I.V.: “Mykolaiv… 12/06/2020
 International Lynx Day
— International Lynx Day June 11 - International Lynx Day! From 2019 in Ukraine the beginning of the nature protection program "Let's save a lynx" is announced. This is currently the only comprehensive program in Ukraine, which is designed to ensure sustainable protection of the Eurasian lynx – the largest cat in Europe, which… 11/06/2020
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