Workshop in Nikolaev Zoo
— Workshop in Nikolaev Zoo On March 21 a three-day workshop devoted to the work and training of the World Electronic System for the Accounting of Animals "Species360" (Minnesota, USA) started in Nikolaev zoo. The specialists of Nikolaev zoo took part in the development of the Russian version of this program. The workshop is held… 22/03/2019
Day of arrival of storks
— Day of arrival of storks March 19 - Day of arrival of storks. According to popular observations, March 19th is the day when storks arrive. According to the beliefs, they bring cold on their wings, so usually in the third decade of March, there is a decrease in temperature. Weather forecasters are more pragmatic in… 22/03/2019
World Sparrows Day
— World Sparrows Day March 20 World Sparrows Day is celebrated! The holiday was offered by the Indian community of Nature Forever Society in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France). The initiative was supported by numerous other national and international organizations. Homeland of the sparrow is Asia. In our time, they are also… 22/03/2019
— Shrovetide Shrovetide is celebrated! Winter is sent off! We meet the spring! Today in Mykolaiv zoo the traditional holiday Shrovetide is celebrated! Talented young actors, dancers, singers from the House of creativity of children and youth of the Ingul region have prepared an interesting program for the visitors with concert shows,… 10/03/2019
International Polar Bear Day
— International Polar Bear Day Every year on February 27 the planet celebrates the International Polar Bear Day. The “King of the Arctic Ocean,” as the Arctic beast is often called, lives in the polar regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The main purpose of the Day is to solve the problem of polar ice melting… 27/02/2019
Lectures at the zoo
— Lectures at the zoo In Mykolaiv zoo a lecture month is held. In an interesting and accessible form during an interactive lecture we tell children about the rules of behavior in nature. Our guests have the opportunity to chat with the animals, to touch them. The month lasts until March 13. You can order… 27/02/2019
World Guides Day
— World Guides Day Congratulations on the World Guides Day! Every day all over the world hundreds of thousands of guides are going along with their wards to travel to a charming country – the Land of Knowledge. Guides are one of the most noble and necessary professions in the world, because they are… 21/02/2019
 Protection of primrose
— Protection of primrose Every year in spring, especially active on the eve of the 8th of March, traders who sell bouquets of snowdrops, prolisks, Odessa horseradish and other wild primroses appear on our streets and markets. A little bit later, these most enterprising citizens sell landing material (bulbs, rhizomes) of wild boars, mountain… 20/02/2019
Valentine's day
— Valentine's day Today, on Valentine's Day, in Mykolaiv zoo is a complete full house! Join us, because the entrance for loving couples is free, but be prepared to give your confirmation – a passionate kiss when you enter the zoo! Free visits are also available for all Valentines and Valentines with a… 14/02/2019
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