February 2 is Hedgehog Day and Marmot Day

Hedgehog Day is very similar to the traditional Marmot Day, which once began in the United States.

On this day it is customary to observe the behavior of a specially "appointed" marmot. If the awakened marmot sees its shadow (i.e. the day will be sunny), spring will not come soon. And if it does not see its shadow – early spring is just around the corner. Today this holiday is celebrated in many countries around the world, including Ukraine. Like marmots, hedgehogs also serve as an indicator of the weather – they predict the forecast for spring.

In Mykolaiv Zoo also live marmots which are in hibernation. They wake up most often in late February. Of course, we will not wake up these animals especially to receive forecasts on February 2.

But in the contact zoo we have the albino four-toed hedgehog named Snow White. She did not have to wake up, because these animals do not hibernate. According to statistics, neither marmots nor hedgehogs as forecasters are particularly accurate in their forecasts. But the celebration of Marmot Day and Hedgehog Day is a good occasion to learn more about interesting animals.

On the occasion of this holiday, we offer to admire the cute photos of Snow White.