Action for Valentine's Day

How to let go of unhappy love and free the heart for true feelings?

                           Action for Valentine's Day.

This year Mykolaiv Zoo decided to support a relay race of many zoos of the world and to carry out the humorous action devoted to Valentine's Day.

This action is aimed at helping to get rid of the burden of former unhappy love in order to find new, real!

And similar actions are aimed at helping zoos, because they are paid, and these charitable contributions are used to keep animals.

Employees of many zoos around the world have suggested that visitors give names of their former loved ones to the cockroaches, which are then eaten by lizards or frogs at the zoo. In this way, everyone will be able to symbolically take revenge on the villains who offended them.

If you want to give the name of the villain who offended you to a cockroach, which will be a delicious dinner for our animals, then you need to transfer charitable financial help to the account of Mykolaiv Zoo until 14.00 on February 14, 2021. The name of the villain should be sent to Please send also a payment confirmation screenshot (obligatory!). Videos of the repast of our frogs and lizards will be on our facebook page!

Let's let go of unrequited love and definitely meet the real, mutual!

Details for charitable contributions:

MI Mykolaiv Zoo National State Registry of Ukrainian Enterprises and Organizations 02219760

Charitable account in Mykolaiv regional administration "Privatbank" interbranch turnover code 326610 № UA61326610 00000 26 00 6053 20 9715