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Visiting Mykolaiv Zoo in summer and being on the main square, you will be met by a bush of oriental beauty - Smooth hydrangea, located among the evergreen juniperus sabina bushes and near the moutan peony. There grows a real botanical miracle that pleases the eyes of all visitors. Its elegance and beauty are admirable and impressive. It is impossible to pass by this magnificent hydrangea bush indifferently, it can be admired forever. The name "hydrangea" literally translates to "jug of water". And in the language of flowers it means - remember me, modesty, sincerity, hope. At first we had one bush of this plant in the zoo, and then later it was propagated in different parts of the zoo.

Among the shrubs that bloom in summer at the zoo, the hydrangea occupies a special place. Its diverse shape with lush huge caps of inflorescences, the duration of flowering, flowering in the sun and in the shade enchant the eye - all this makes it a favorite of our zoo. And in order for the hydrangea to be attractive, the zoo staff takes good care of it and always feeds it with both mineral and organic fertilizers. In the future, the zoo workers plan to make a beautiful fence in the form of a basket for the first hydrangea bush.

Did you know that you can change the color of a hydrangea when it is already in bloom?

It is only necessary to slightly change the acidity of the soil and maintain it at the required level.

Hydrangea is associated with many interesting customs, legends and rituals. And according to one of the legends, she is considered to be fashionable.

In the East, the hydrangea is believed to have appeared on the day the Buddha was born (473 BC). Hydrangea festivals are held in Japan to honor this amazing plant. Also in Japan, it is customary to send a bouquet consisting of a large-leaved hydrangea of ​​blue or cyan color to apologize. The hydrangea flower is given the meaning of hope, modesty and sincerity, it is believed that the hydrangea drives away misfortune and disease.

At our zoo, this amazing and charming plant became attractive to everyone for its abundant and long flowering. But the flowering period has its term, do not miss this opportunity to leave a memorable photo with this wonderful plant. On quiet, long winter evenings, the photos will remind you of the summer moments you spent at the zoo!

Dear visitors, we invite you to visit Mykolaiv Zoo, where you can familiarize yourself with the beautiful fauna and flora of this wonderful place and admire it!