The fourth lecture

Mykolaiv Zoo continues to hold mini-lectures of the "Zoo in the palm of your hand" series, which many visitors have already liked.

Today, March 4, the fourth lecture on the topic "Mysterious Jungle Inhabitants" was held.

During the lecture, children, together with adults, got to know such jungle inhabitants as: the Moluccan sail-finned lizard (Hydrosaurus amboinensis) and the giant African land snail (Lissachatina fulica). Visitors learned a lot of information about the origin of these animals, their lifestyle and behavior. The children listened to the lecturer with interest and asked questions, took part in interactive activities, and shared their own experience of caring for an African snail. Together with the zoo staff, they fed the Moluccan sail-finned lizard and bathed the snails.

Special attention was paid to the practical skills of caring for the giant African land snail, because today it is a very popular pet in Ukraine.

We invite on the next weekend those who wish to listen to the lecture. Follow our messages!