Day of the worker of nature conservation of Ukraine

July 7 - Day of the worker of nature conservation of Ukraine

Since the origin of the very idea of ​​the conservation, which was expressed in 1895 by the great scientist, the founder of the science of pedology V. V. Dokuchaev, the scientific circles and progressive public considered the preservation of protected standards of each natural history area as their holy duty, the task of conscience and honor of the nation. In general, the conservation case can be defined as the theory and practice of conservation and restoration of landscape complexes, as well as their rational use within the territories and objects of the nature reserve fund.

After the proclamation of Ukraine's independence, the first step towards the creation of a modern model of management of the conservation case was made. Thus, in the Law of Ukraine "On the Nature Reserve Fund" it was determined that the Ministry of Natural Resources of Ukraine is the central body of executive power in the field of conservation. In September 1994, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the Program for the Long-term Development of the Protected Areas in Ukraine, which identified strategic management tasks for supporting scientific research in this area.

The rapid development of industry and agricultural production, intensive construction, expansion of the network of roads, drainage of marshlands and river valleys, the plowing of all agricultural land cultivation, reduction of forest areas - all this leads to significant changes in natural complexes, affects the ecological balance, species composition of fauna and flora, environment. That is why the conservation of biological and landscape diversity, the development of nature conservation is one of the priorities of the state policy in the sphere of economic and social development of Ukraine.

The contribution of zoos to the conservation of biodiversity of animals is very large. Due to them, a number of rare species that have disappeared in the wild - Przewalski's horse, bison, David deer, white antelope, Hawaiian gooseberry, Leasan teal, and many others.