Titmouse Day

The real beauty is to find the unusual in the ordinary.

As of today, a new art object "Restaurant "Pizzeria for birds" has appeared in Mykolaiv Zoo".

The model of the globe is made of plastic lids, which symbolizes the current state of our Earth, which is full of plastic products that people must recycle and reuse. We suggest you consider examples of bright feeders that each of you can make yourself to support the birds in winter. Also near the art object you will find information about what exactly you can feed the birds.

The presentation and opening of this object was timed to coincide with the ecological holiday - Titmouse Day. This day is celebrated in order to draw attention to a beautiful and extremely useful bird. After all, tits (and in the zoo there are great tits and Eurasian blue tits - our tireless helpers in the fight against insects, pests of gardens. In winter, tits often move closer to humans, in gardens and parks. And in winter it is necessary to feed the birds, which we propose to do with our new art feeder. Now every visitor will be able to take part in helping birds in cold weather, because every day the air temperature is lower, food for birds is less, and they really need the help of caring people.

Visit the zoo and give yourself and your children not only a good walk, but also the opportunity to acquaint children with the rules of helping our feathered friends.