A disco with real soffits and a disco ball

FOR THE FIRST TIME, a driving disco with real soffits and a disco ball was held in Mykolaiv Zoo for everyone! To begin with, the specialists tested the idea of such an event on young biologists of our zoo, who were invited to a trial version of the dance program. After the positive impressions of the children, it was decided to make such a disco for everyone. The result exceeded even the expectations of the organizers! There were a lot of people who wanted to experience the bright atmosphere of dances in the zoo. If you think that this disco was only for children and teenagers, you are wrong, because parents and teachers also took an active part in it and got incredible impressions from the program! Incendiary dances, bright soffits and favorite hits, how can you resist?! Now, children who have been learning online for a long time and do not communicate with their peers, especially need positive emotions and the opportunity to spend time in the company of their coevals. Mykolaiv Zoo gives such an opportunity! In addition to conducting interesting excursions, fun quests, informative lectures, we also offer you a fiery disco! Due to numerous requests, we will continue such a wonderful event, so watch our announcements and don't miss the next disco in Mykolaiv Zoo!