Long-awaited resident

On August 29, the first giraffe safely settled in Nikolaev zoo. This is a representative of the Rothschild giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi), considered the rarest. In the wild, there are several hundred individuals left. All representatives of the subspecies live in the wild in the reserves of Kenya and Uganda.

Our giraffe was born in the zoo Olomouc, Czech Republic, where his father, mother and grandparents were born. His name is Nuru. He is a little over 5 years old. We are very grateful to our colleagues from Olomouc zoo and to the director of the zoo Radomir Haban for a wonderful animal. Now Nuru is resting after a long trip. It was especially difficult for him to get a section of Ukrainian roads. Shaking in a soft chair in a car is one thing, standing for one and a half day 850 km is another thing, having a height of 4 meters. But, thank God, everything is already behind. Hope, very soon, after passing the quarantine, citizens will see this wonderful animal. We have been preparing for this for 2.5 years, and how much we dreamed! Our gift to the 230th anniversary of the city. Thanks to the police for escorting around the city and the services of the city executive committee.